Regalis Surveillance & Investigations

The Regalis Group Investigations are a professional provider of sophisticated surveillance teams with previous operations spanning the world. We comprise of former Military and Police personnel gathering a wide knowledge from the different industries that are out into practice on the private market.
We are universal in the way we operate, updating our operating procedures to coincide with modern times and technology. Each operator is equipped with state of the art covert recording equipment and communications.
We have selected a number of key individuals with specialist’s skills to assist in our more complex operations, these individuals consist of specialist language experts, vehicle specialists to long range rural observation professionals and infiltration agents.

Counter Surveillance & Anti-Surveillance Assistance

Counter Surveillance is the detection and identification of a Surveillance Operation that is currently active on an address or individual. Regalis Group will identify whether or not surveillance is active, the size of the team and provide you with a report including details of the surveillance team and vehicles should they reintroduce the surveillance at a later date.

Should it be confirmed that surveillance has been active then we can provide a days training on methods required to avoid surveillance. This will be a brief talk on the methods we use and then a demonstration in the area you work and live. These skills will enable you to identify and elude the most sophisticated of surveillance teams.

Covert Vehicle Tracking

Regalis Group have a range of vehicle tracker solutions and packages to suit any budget. Our covert vehicle trackers will enable you to locate any vehicle which has a tracker fitted to it and monitor its location. You can also receive email or text message updates every time the tracker enters or leaves a specified area as well as a text message with its current location.

The trackers are concealed under the vehicle and can provide up to 3 weeks of constant monitoring. Our vehicle tracking package includes all the unforeseen expenses involved in installing, monitoring and removing the trackers.

Protective Surveillance

The Regalis Group Covert Protection service has been designed to offer maximum security whilst maintaining a fully covert presence. This service will be fully adapted to your requirements ensuring minimal intrusion on your daily life whilst maintaining a full and secure environment for you to continue in your daily tasks. By maintain a covert presence we are able to identify and deal with any incidents before it has chance to occur. All of our operators have Police or Military background and have a vast experience in both Surveillance and Close Protection creating a unique service suitable for the most delicate of requirements.

If you are concerned that a colleague or family member may be in danger then we can provide protection 24hrs a day, 7 days a week with or without their knowledge. Previous clients have requested this service so that they didn’t need to worry their family about a “possible” threat that may face them.

Due to the complexities of this type of service, every single tasking has different requirements and therefore we will need to discuss the matter in detail and tailor a service that will suit your requirements.

Please phone for a no obligation informal discussion on way in which we may be able to assist.

Matrimonial Surveillance

Regalis Group are experts in dealing with the complexities involved in Matrimonial Investigations. We will always act in your best interest and all cases are handled with the utmost discretion and confidentiality, we will endeavour to provide you with the answers to your questions as quickly as possible by using the specialist equipment and operators at our disposal.

Each case is different and we will therefore develop a package that will suit your specific needs. We can investigate the situation over a period of time to develop a solid report proving beyond question whether infidelity is present within a relationship or marriage or should it be required we can conduct a thorough and fast investigation utilising all our assets to provide you with a result as soon as possible.

We offer the following services;

  • Mobile Phone Forensics
  • Computer Forensics
  • Computer Monitoring
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Personal Surveillance Teams
  • Online Researchers

Please feel free to contact us for an informal conversation on ways we may be able to help; alternatively you can download our free PDF outlining the services we are able to provide in more detail.

Co-Habitation Surveillance

Regalis Group employ specialist operators to complete our Co-Habitation taskings. With operators ranging from former Military and Policing backgrounds we can accommodate long term observations of an address despite its location, Urban or Rural.

Once in place we can develop a pattern of life relating to the address in question which will then enable us to concentrate on key timings to develop our report and reduce the expense to our clients.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss this type of operation in more detail.

People Tracing & Background Checks

Regalis Group has a designated researcher with access to both public and private databases. We will endeavour to include all details we find along the route of our investigation.

In addition to preliminary findings we can also “dig deeper” (dependant on your requirements) in order to establish a financial situation of an individual or company. These investigations will also include elements of physical surveillance which may present additional information not available through technical investigation.

Our tracing service often works alongside our active investigation teams in order to identify as much detail as possible of all the unknown personnel that have contact with the subject, often with surprising results.

We operate a no find no fee policy based on an initial search.

Previous traces include:-

  • Witnesses
  • Absconded Tenants
  • Bad Debtors
  • Old friends
  • Family Members
  • Business Associates
  • Evasive Creditor


Regalis Group can provide specialist operators that will infiltrate the area you wish and gain intelligence from key individuals relating to your requirements. Our typical infiltration operations have involved an employee taking an artificial role within a company and quickly bonding with all members involved in that area. From that the investigation starts and every conversation will be covertly recorded where possible to do so and logged into a report focusing on the key individuals stipulated by you.

Computer & Phone Forensics

Regalis Group are specialists in remote monitoring and information recovery. Our expert operators are able to conduct a range of services covering a wide range of platforms. Many people who commit acts in violation of their contract or local law will try and cover their steps by deleting and removing any information which may indicate their involvement is such activities.

This is where Regalis Group can help. With our team of technical experts at hand we can recover information or files that may have been long since deleted. It is a common misconception that once a file has been deleted it will no longer exist. This is in fact incorrect, the information or parts of will still be embedded somewhere on the memory drive it was last located and the Regalis Group specialists will identify this information and recover it.

All information recovered will be isolated and maintained in line with the legal requirements for the information to be presented and legally admissible in the court of law.

Types of information recovery services include:

  • SMS Recovery
  • Phone Call Log (outgoing/incoming and missed)
  • Digital Media (pictures, videos, music etc)
  • Websites Visited
  • Call Transcript
  • Identification of attempted concealment or deletion
  • Identification of deleted content
  • Recovery of information for use as evidence
  • Remote Monitoring/Recording
  • Identification of manipulation attempts
  • Identification and Isolation of Downloaded Content

Regalis Group provides a state of the art service in technical forensics and investigation. We have specialist software and personnel that can complete a number of advanced services including:

  • Recovery of lost/deleted information
  • Remote monitoring and reporting of computer and mobile phone activities
  • Recovery of information from portable storage
  • Seizure and interrogation of individual computers or networks
  • Recovery of mobile phone information (pictures, text messages, phone log etc)
  • Email monitoring
  • Mobile phone transcripts

Please contact us for further information regarding Regalis Group technical services.

Process Serving

Regalis group offer a fast and efficient service to all of our legal clients. We have a network of available operators throughout the UK who handle our process serves daily. We will endeavour to provide you with covert video evidence of the files or papers being delivered to assist in the event of a “not received” claim.

We are able to offer a same day service providing we an operator available to collect the papers from your office and deliver them anywhere within in the UK.

Taking your security to the next level.

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